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Chicago is among top 10 Global Financial Centers of the world, but its claim to fame is its numerous mentions in movies, songs, novels, plays, news media, and various journals. Although the city has not been depicted in positive light in most of the popular culture, taking a cultural tour of Chicago Limo is not a bad idea because the city has some fine collections of surrealist paintings, illustrations, sculptures, etc., which have seldom been shown in popular culture.

Chicago limo is one of the largest limousine services in the area. We can service all of your limousine needs, from airport transportation to wedding and business charters, to that special night out on the town. We offer a wide variety of ways to meet your needs, and exceptional customer satisfaction is what we strive. From our knowledgeable and friendly customer service agents, highly-trained and courteous chauffeurs, to the pristine vehicles, you will find a unique difference when traveling with Executive Chauffeuring.

Limo services for the Chicago area

Chicago limo is the highest rated limousine service in the Chicago area. We offer efficient and comfortable transportation with experienced drivers, whether you're traveling to and from the airport, a corporate event, or a nearby state. With a large network of affiliates and a quick response time, customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Corporate Transportation

If your company regularly has guests and employees traveling to and from Chicago, consider our limo services. We offer discounts based on the amount a company or individual spends on a monthly basis, tiered system. The more you book, the bigger the discount! like all online reservations, rates are all inclusive with gratuity, taxes, and fees.

Visual arts in Chicago

Visual arts of Chicago have been quite famous for denouncing the status quo. Chicago visual arts, which include illustrations, paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, textile art, etc., have acquired some individualistic traits. The Chicago visual arts have made a conscious effort to not get influenced by anything from outside world, and thus maintain its individualistic features.

Chicago Limo
Chicago Limousine

Chicago Limo


Chicago limo serves all types of events from giant annual celebrations to tourist destinations, from private parties to nights on the town. We provide service for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sweet sixteen parties, high school proms, and so much more. There is absolutely nothing like our very special vehicles to take your event and send it in to the stratosphere. We bring you luxury and comfort but also excitement and fun. And the entertainment factor is off the chain with our premium sound systems, high definition flat screens, LED party lighting, dance floor, granite top bar areas and so much more.

Extraordinary Weddings

Now that you have decided to tie the knot, it’s time to begin planning your wedding. And you’re already on the right track by choosing to have it in Chicago. You simply cannot find a better wedding city than Chicago. The downtown area is full of high-class entertainment options — luxurious venues, five-star catering services and tons of nightclubs —, and there are some quainter choices just outside of downtown. Whether you’re trying to set an elegant tone, an exciting tone or a relaxing tone for your wedding and reception, limo will make it spectacular.

Let's examine how deep the roots of theater, visual art, and music, are in Chicago. It will help the readers deepen their understanding of Chicago's culture before they take a Chicago limousine tour of the city. Understanding of origin and roots of art and culture in the city will definitely enrich the travelers. It will help them enjoy the Chicago limo tour more than the ones who go unprepared.

Theaters in Chicago

Chicago has a long theatrical history which dates back to 1890s when Hull-House used to stage premiers of new plays written by Ibsen, Galsworthy, and the great playwright George Bernard Shaw. Over the period of time, Chicago Theater took a shape of a movement which created theaters of national and international repute out of small and cash-crunched local theater companies.

Exquisite proms

It is that time again. Everyone must go through this special rite of passage known as prom. It is a time for many things. It is a celebration and you need a time be able to look back and pay homage to where you have been and to look forward to where you are going. There is no need to worry about a venue or something to do because you are in the fabulous Chicago area where anything and everything one could want is available. So, now all that is need is someone to plan all of the festivities and make sure that all goes very smoothly. And part of those plans should include a luxury transportation solution like we provide.

We realize that the main factor to take into account is the safety of all of the students. Teenagers can lack discretion and we realize that. That is why we take every precaution in making sure that everything will go extremely smoothly and everyone will arrive safely at their homes at the end of the evening. We know the last thing you want is for your son or daughter to drive themselves or to ride with a friend. So, we have the perfect solution. One of our fabulous limo will provide you with peace of mind while the teenagers have a blast as a group.

We don't have hidden fees

Other local companies will offer you a low price up front and then gouge you with surprise fees in fine print after your trip. We think that's deplorable and we would never dream of doing it to you. The price that we quote is the price that you get, and the few fees that we do have are discussed ahead of time if they apply to you. This is just one of the many ways that we ensure that the customer comes first. We don't believe that running a business has anything to do with taking advantage of the customer, and you will see that from the very first moment of your first trip with us.

At present, Chicago Theater is the home to more than 200 small, but critically acclaimed theater companies, which includes likes of TUTA Theater, Trap Door Theatre, Remy Bumppo, Lifeline Theatre, and Redmoon Theater. Some of these companies have their own performance venues, while others perform at nontraditional performance venues like Laundromats, bars, storefronts, or in any studio or black box theater in or around Chicago.

Chicago Party Bus
Chicago Transportation

Other limo companies will charge you one flat fee day after day. You might see that as an advantage until you realize that they don't offer you any savings when gas prices are lower or when traffic isn't at its peak. We work out those factors day by day to offer you the lowest rates possible. This is called operating on a graduated scale and we believe it is the fairest to our customers. If we experience a savings in an area of our business, we want to pass it along to you. There are also timing issues that can help you realize immense savings. If you're booking a trip on a weekday or during the day for instance, it will clearly cost you less. Ask us about the dates and times that will save you the most cash.

We always found that there was something lacking with each one. Sometimes it was customer service. Sometimes it was the features of the vehicles. Sometimes it was too-high prices and too many hidden fees. Each time, we kept thinking, "We can do this better." Finally we decided to bite the bullet and put our services out there for the public. We've been going strong for many years now, and the testimonials of our customers say it all:

All of these things add up to great news for you. Our company can offer you a lower price than the other guys, but it really all boils down to old fashioned responsibility and good customer service. That's what we have built our reputation on, and we will continue to do so as long as you keep chicago limo. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents are just waiting for you to call. They love talking about what we do and they will do everything they can to fit you and your group into the perfect vehicle and to make sure the cost is as reasonable as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon and discussing your needs.

Unexpectedly, catching a glimpse of one such performance could be exciting, and if you are in luck, the opportunity may present itself during a Chicago limo tour.

Visual arts in Chicago

Visual arts of Chicago have been quite famous for denouncing the status quo. Since the Second World War, Chicago visual arts, which include illustrations, paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, textile art, etc., have acquired some individualistic traits. The Chicago visual arts have made a conscious effort to not get influenced by anything from outside world, and thus maintain its individualistic features.

Some of the known figures in the field are Robert Guinan, who makes remarkable psychologically penetrating portraits of jazz musicians and bar patrons. These are quite famous in France, but sadly pass unnoticed in the region. Chicago is the third largest city in United States. It is the biggest city in Midwest with over 3 million people. Founded as an industrial city, Chicago developed into a cultural, commercial, business and financial nod in the Middle USA. Today Chicago is an attraction to many tourists and investors.

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