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Every couple is different and we’ve helped thousands of couples plan their wedding over the past many years, no two weddings have been the same. We love variety and that is why all four of our unique wedding venues cater for couples with different styles. Below, we break down the most unique spaces in each of our Chicago Wedding Venues so that you can decide which wedding venue you think suits you as a couple the most.

Perfect venue for your special day

Couples have a plethora of choices when it comes to picking wedding venues. The location of a ceremony can make or break the whole events; hence, the need to dedicate enough resources to getting the best one.

A wedding venue has to meet the requirements of a particular event. One ceremony is not the same as the next, and that means that every couple will have something different for the perfect wedding location; it may be the size of the banquet hall or the set up of the landscape.

We offer an excellent choice when searching for venues in Chicago. We provide beautiful, unique settings that cater to various needs. The right pick for a wedding location is vital because it influences many factors.

The Ambience

You can set the atmosphere of a wedding by its location. If you are going for the luxurious and elegant look, the setting has to be grand in every sense of the way. For an intimate celebration, a small event room or a secluded part of our garden will serve you just right.

The wedding venue is one of our most celebrated locations for marriage ceremonies. Its classic rosewood floors and original ship timbers give the place an extraordinary feel that will make any event special, and the themed lighting comes in handy when complementing the colors. Our wedding venue can range from simple to extravagant productions, depending on the decorations.

Chicago Wedding Venues

Guests’ Comfort

Insist on finding the best location for wedding ceremonies because it will impact the comfort of your guests. Size is the biggest determinant when settling on a setting, and that is because it has to accommodate the guest list. A poorly sized venue means cramming guests and everything else, which will not turn out very well.

Imagine if people have to move their chairs every time others want to pass or the discomfort of a dancing floor that doesn’t provide enough room for anyone to move around. Your venue selection should take the number of guests into consideration, as well as the seating arrangements. Some layouts eat up more space than others, so select our wedding brochure when deciding on the arrangements so as to get a few ideas.

Food and drink

The menu is another reason brides need to take the time to find a spectacular venue. Catering options vary wildly from one location to another, and you must find one that aligns with the demands of your event. For instance, are there guests who will be staying overnight? In such circumstances, our post function breakfast will be a great addition to your overall menu.

Check the menu policy before you put down a deposit. In some instances, a list of specific caterers from which to choose is available, who can allow you to put together the menu, or there may be a variety of selections ready.

Alternatively, a venue may let you bring the caterers and use the facilities present. Dealing with the venue suppliers comes with several advantages such as getting stuff at reduced rates. When picking the menus & drinks, factor in aspects such as guest list size, time of year and theme of the wedding.

Stay Within Budget

Most couples have an established amount to spend on the wedding location. Finding the right one means that you don’t overrun this budget, which is a common issue with wedding planning. We have several venue options that will fit different budgets. You can opt for the magnificent gardens and expansive golf course or the wedding hall.

The associated services we provide are useful when it comes to tailored weddings. With recommended services for florists, cake, photographers and video, band/musicians, toastmaster and wedding stationery, you can easily plan that dream wedding.

Luxury wedding venue at Chicago wedding venues

One of the first and most important parts of planning a wedding is selecting the venue. You might have your ceremony and reception in the same venue, or hold the ceremony in a place of worship and the reception in a separate location — but either way, you’ll want to lock down your location as soon as possible since many popular venues book up months in advance.

If you’re looking to have an affordable wedding, the venue is one place where you can definitely save a lot of money, as it comprises one of the biggest parts of your budget.

When you choose our wedding venue for your wedding, you get a unique luxury wedding venue situated in the beautiful Chicago and you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to make your day perfect.

We pride ourselves on making sure that you get the best quality, personal service from your first enquiry right through to the time your final guests depart.

Every wedding at Chicago venue is a very special occasion to us. Our reputation for excellent customer service and impeccable organizational skills means we’re the ideal choice for your civil ceremony and/or reception. You’ll find our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your wedding day is as magical and romantic as you always dreamt it would be.

We have a great team of wedding coordinators, who’ll start thinking about your special day from the moment we meet the bride and groom. You will be provided with a team of experienced wedding coordinators who will be responsible for every little detail of your wedding day. On hand at all times before your wedding, until after you are married, they’ll guide and advise you through every decision.

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