Alsip Bars & Restaurants
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    Burrito Jalisco

    11950 S Cicero Ave
    Alsip, IL 60803
    (708) 388-5200

    For years now, our Chi Town Limo customers have gone wild for Burrito Jalisco, requesting this as an Alsip area destination with increasing frequency! It's really an awesome space to celebrate something with your Chi Town Limo group, and it's also ideal for takeout to enjoy on the bus, especially if your group is too massive to be accommodated, traveling on multiple buses! The horchata is a must-have to wash down all that delicious spicy food, and we've got nothing but positive things to say about their renowned burritos! Delish!

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    Las Fuentes

    11501 S Pulaski Rd
    Alsip, IL 60803
    (708) 926-9081

    Las Fuentes Restaurant is another great Mexican restaurant that Chi Town Limo would recommend very highly to our Alsip area customers. Like the previous mention, the prices are so affordable here, and the array of food that is available is just so delicious. The taco salad is a really refreshing choice for lunch, and we're in love with those enchiladas with green sauce! Mmm! The chiles rellenos are also highly recommended and we're crazy about the namesake steak burrito! The fajitas, too, are so yummy, and also a healthier option.

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    5000 W 127th St
    Alsip, IL 60803
    (708) 272-4223

    Allgauer's Restaurant is a local hotel restaurant but you don't have to be staying there to enjoy the food! Their breakfasts are absolutely out of this world, and when it comes to that breakfast buffet, you'll just go crazy over the options! The prime rib is an excellent choice if you're there for dinner. Filling and indulgent. You'll want to note that they do close down between lunch and dinner, so plan your visit accordingly. Favorites here are the buffalo chicken fritters and the spinach and artichoke dip! Such a perfect starter to kick things off!

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    El Coyote

    11532 S Pulaski Rd
    Alsip, IL 60803
    (708) 389-5400

    El Coyote is yet another of our Mexican favorites in the Alsip area, with the thing that really makes this one stand apart from the others being the fact that they offer taco stand flavor and quality in a restaurant setting. The fresh fare that is available here is nothing short of enticing, and when you get a look at the low prices that you'll pay for it, you'll see why it's so ideal for budget-conscious Chi Town Limo groups. The people who work here are unbelievably friendly and will make sure that you feel completely at home during your visit.

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    El Gallo Tapatio

    5039 W 111th St
    Alsip, IL 60803
    (708) 423-5195

    Another wonderful Mexican recommendation in the Alsip area? You bet! As you well know, that's what the main dining highlight of this area is, after all! This is another one that's known for their mind blowing low prices as well as their tantalizing quality. The steak burritos are enormous and just packed with high quality ingredients. The chicken nachos are another favorite of ours. The steak tacos are a nice choice too, and the pastor is just amazing if you are a pork lover like us! No alcohol here, but that's the only real downside.

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    Taco Burrito King

    12201 S Pulaski Rd
    Alsip, IL 60803
    (708) 388-3400

    And finally we come to Taco Burrito King, a diner style Mexican eatery that's a refreshing change from the norm. The King vegetarian burrito is a major highlight as far as we're concerned, and we're just in love with their fajita plate and their tostadas. The super nachos are huge and packed with superb toppings. The marinated carrots and peppers are a really nice touch, so don't forget to ask for them! No alcohol, no TV, and no outdoor seating here. There's a bit less space here than at the others on this list, so it's more recommended for mid-sized groups.