Bridgeview Bars & Restaurants
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    Al Bawadi Grill

    7216 W 87th St
    Bridgeview, IL 60455
    (708) 599-1999

    Al Bawadi Grill is our favorite destination for delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern and even Arabian delights! This suburban location in the Bridgeview area is just wonderful for your Chi Town Limo outings around here. There's really a lot of room for your bigger celebrations here, and they do an excellent job for takeout too, just in case you're catering an event elsewhere or just wanting to pick up some goodies to enjoy in your party bus. Huge portions. Amazing rice. All of the meats are delicious and there are plenty of vegetarian options too!

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    The Nile Restaurant

    7333 W 87th St
    Bridgeview, IL 60455
    (708) 237-0767

    The Nile Restaurant is another one of our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants in the area. They have taken such good care of our Chi Town Limo customers in the Bridgeview area, and we're just hooked on it on a personal level too! The hummus is the best that we've ever tasted, homemade of course, and just irresistible. The pickled turnips are always a delightful touch here as well. The vibe here is more casual than fancy, almost closer to a fast food type of establishment, so if you're having a casual outing with your group, it's really ideal.

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    Duke's Drive-In

    8115 S Harlem Ave
    Bridgeview, IL 60455
    (708) 599-0576

    Duke's Drive-In is an absolute classic that you can't afford not to visit when you're in Bridgeview with Chi Town Limo. Super affordable, super comfortable, super fun. For us, it's all about the mouth watering Italian beef sandwiches! What a perfect choice for lunch. If you order it with red sauce, sweet peppers, and hot peppers, you're really in for a winning treat! If you're out here on a summer weekend, you might be lucky enough to catch a car show! That's always fun. We love the divey and casual vibe here. No alcohol though!

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    The Patio

    9100 S Harlem Ave
    Bridgeview, IL 60455
    (708) 598-2099

    The Patio is a favorite of ours in the Bridgeview area for their yummy sandwiches, salads, and of course their barbecue fare! So good! It is ideally suited to large Chi Town Limo groups because there is so much space indoors and out. There are a ton of things that we would recommend to you, starting with that yummy chili tamale boat! The ribs are another top notch choice, and how about the chicken oreganato! Wow. The pulled pork sandwich is our favorite option for lunch, and how about those slabs of ribs? Enough said. A real winner.

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    Ing's Palace

    8900 S Harlem Ave
    Bridgeview, IL 60455
    (708) 598-9555

    If nothing but delicious Chinese food will do during your Chi Town Limo outing in Bridgeview, Ing's Palace out on South Harlem Avenue should be your top choice. It's super affordable here and they even feature delicious tropical cocktails! Who could ever complain? The old school tiki decor is plenty of fun, and it just might inspire you to order a flaming volcano style drink to enjoy! We do recommend it! The orange chicken is just out of this world and we can't say enough good things about their Mongolian beef! Every single item on the menu is delish.

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    Lindy's & Gertie's

    7208 W 87th St
    Bridgeview, IL 60455
    (708) 430-0019

    Lindy's & Gertie's will take good care of you when you're out and about with Chi Town Limo in the Bridgeview area. This cozy traditional diner will not only tempt you to order a bunch of yummy dishes to split with your group, but you'll also be tempted to pick up a bunch of souvenir shirts while you're there! We always do! The animal decor is perhaps what they are most famous for, or is it the ice cream dishes? Or could it be that delicious chili for parties, available in five pound buckets all the way up to a 55 gallon drum, no joke! We love it all.