Broadview Bars & Restaurants
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    Sawa's Old Warsaw Restaurant

    9200 W Cermak Rd
    Broadview, IL 60155
    (708) 343-9040

    Sawa's Old Warsaw Restaurant is a wonderful Polish style restaurant and buffet where you will enjoy traditional fare that is oh-so-tasty. Chi Town Limo groups love the amount of space here, and they love the convenient Broadview location as well. The potato pancakes are a major highlight here and everyone always raves about the pierogies as well as the Polish sausage. If you love Polish beef and ham, they've got you covered there too. The soup and salad portion of the buffet is well stocked too. You'll surely never go hungry here!

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    Emilio's Tapas

    4100 Roosevelt Rd
    Hillside, IL 60162
    (708) 547-7177

    Emilio's Tapas is really ideal if you're craving some yummy Spanish fare and some great small plates dishes to split with your group. So many of our Chi Town Limo groups love to order up a bunch of tapas to enjoy together! The house sangria is a perfect way to kick things off, getting a good buzz going and infusing your mouth with all the flavors that the fresh fruit imparts to the wine. There isn't a single dish on this menu that we would not recommend to you. Definitely head out with your party bus group and let them show you a great time!

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    China Buffet

    3300 Broadview Village Sq
    Broadview, IL 60155
    (708) 338-3805

    If a Chinese buffet sounds really ideal, then we have one that you need to try. The China Buffet will fit the bill every time! Simple name, easy to remember, and just a great classic buffet atmosphere where you'll really feel right at home. It's super clean and sparkling here, just the way you prefer it when you're dining at a buffet. All of the classic dishes are there at your fingertips, including yummy General Tso's chicken, sesame chicken, teriyaki chicken, lo mein, and even fresh fruits and desserts! Fill up and leave happy!

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    Chicago Curry House

    899 S Plymouth Ct
    Chicago, IL 60605
    (312) 362-9999

    This is one of the most unique restaurants and we think you will be more than impressed with this fine venue. They even feature a beautiful bar in the center of the establishment that will be just ideal for you. They handle large groups with ease here, and they serve the most delicious and authentic Indian and Himalayan fare that you will ever lay tastebuds on. The atmosphere is impeccable and the service is superb. Very classy ambiance with white tablecloths. Super clean and tidy. Love it!

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    Anna's Place

    10261 W Roosevelt Rd
    Westchester, IL 60154
    (708) 397-5100

    Everyone needs an American restaurant and sports bar that really serves this neighborhood well. When you're headed out with a really large Chi Town Limo group in the Broadview vicinity and you're looking for the perfect sports bar atmosphere with a neighborhood type of vibe, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one than this. They have wonderfully fresh salads that are our go-to options for lunch, and we also really adore the bar burgers here. You will be treated to the friendliest service around and nothing but good times and cheap drinks!

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    The Blue Note

    1715 W Roosevelt Rd
    Broadview, IL 60155
    (708) 343-2670

    The Blue Note is another one of our favorite local bars, this one highly recommended if you'd like to shoot some pool while you party. There's more than enough room here for your bigger groups, and the crowds are always friendly and happy, generally in the 21-35 age range, but everyone is welcome. They keep it pretty simple here, just the essentials without any bells and whistles, and we appreciate that. Our Chi Town Limo groups do too. If you're headed out in the Broadview area anytime soon, you just may want to consider this one!