Chicago Proms

Chicago proms are a special time for teenagers. High school is a challenging time filled with many obstacles, so prom is a great way to celebrate at the end of the year. It becomes even more poignant if this happens to be their senior year, as it's the last hurrah before graduation comes. It's normal to spend months in preparation of this special event. From the tickets to outfit selection, there's a lot to take care of. There's one aspect of the prom experience that we highly recommend, and that is reserving professional transportation in the form of a limousine or party bus.

Chicago Proms

We know what you're thinking, why should you add another expense to the pile? It's safe to say that high school is an expensive time for everybody involved, especially if your child is involved with sports or other extra curricular activities. However, transportation is a good investment on many different fronts! The benefits offered with a professional transport service are enough to convince any parent to take the extra steps to make this prom one to remember for all of the right reasons.

The horror stories of drinking and driving with prom aren't anything that any parent wants to hear. We aren't going to give you the shock treatment by describing what could potentially go wrong, but we will say that one of our party buses or limousines guarantee a safe ride home for your child and their friends. This is more than you can say if a teen is the trusted driver for the festivities! With a party bus or limousine, not only will your child be in great hands, but you'll also get to choose the itinerary for the night. This way, any changes have to be approved by yourself, and there will never be question of where they're at.

Chicago Party Bus
Chicago Transportation

Party buses have tons of features to look forward to enjoying through the night, and teens especially get a kick out of them when they use them for Chicago proms. With rainbow colored lighting and stereo systems that offer customizable play list options, the party is always lively with Chicago proms. The kids can even decide if they want to decorate the vehicle beforehand. It surely beats climbing in the back of your mini van! The extra room in professional transportation vehicles like party buses ensures that their formal wear isn't squished or sat on, either.

One thing is for certain, you will be viewed as one of the coolest parents in the state when you take this plan of action for this school dance. It doesn't have to be a huge cost when it's divided evenly through everybody on the vehicle. Chicago proms are always better with professional transportation along for the ride, as it makes the kids feel like true grown ups before they make their debut in the real world. They grew up fast, but you can still make the most out of the time they have left with a rental from our company!

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