Cicero Bars & Restaurants
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    Klas Restaurant

    5734 W Cermak Rd
    Cicero, IL 60804
    (708) 652-0795

    Klas Restaurant is a modern European restaurant that will serve your needs very well when you are looking for a fine place to dine in the Cicero area with Chi Town Limo! They handle large groups with ease, and you will love the beautiful and comfortable ambiance. The soups are just outstanding here and it's the perfect way to begin a meal. The smoked butt is a nice choice and we're in love with their ghoulash and their bread dumplings. Mm-mmm good! You won't believe the amount of food that you get for so little money.

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    Cafe Caribe

    6138 W 26th St
    Cicero, IL 60804
    (708) 548-8025

    Cafe Caribe is a Caribbean restaurant that has become very popular amongst our Chi Town Limo customers in the Cicero area. This is a relaxed space where you'll want to arrive early and leave ample time for your food to be prepared with care. They even have a sign that says, "Good food takes time to make." We like that approach! Especially in today's fast food obsessed society. It's refreshing. The arroz con gandules is so good, and we love the alcapurrias here as well. The jibarito and cafe con leche are magnificent too!

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    Al's Italian Restaurant

    6050 W Cermak Rd
    Cicero, IL 60804
    (708) 656-1060

    Al's Italian Restaurant Banquets & Pizzeria is a great spot to visit if you're traveling in the Cicero area with your Chi Town Limo group and all you really want is an amazing slice (or two or three!) of amazing pizza. They've got a sensational lunch buffet and a beautiful salad bar that you will love taking advantage of. The Chicken Pompeii is something that we'd recommend to you very highly, and the baked clams are excellent for the seafood aficionados in your party bus group! Mind blowing meatballs too. You'll love the martinis here!

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    Albano's Pizzeria

    5913 W Roosevelt Rd
    Cicero, IL 60804
    (708) 863-0060

    Another excellent pizzeria in the Cicero area is Albano's Pizzeria. The pizza puffs are just amazing, and they're so fun both for dine-in and just to pick up for takeout to enjoy in your Chi Town Limo vehicle with all your friends! The super low prices are just incredible, especially when you consider the high quality here. The Italian beef with hot peppers and mozzarella is always an excellent choice. We also love Italian beef, bacon, mushrooms, and onions for our toppings! So many excellent choices for you here. No alcohol though, unfortunately!

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    United Grill

    2145 S Laramie Ave
    Cicero, IL 60804
    (708) 222-0637

    United Grill will take good care of you when you're in Cicero with Chi Town Limo! This is a diner style establishment that serves up great old fashioned food at very affordable prices. The cheeseburger special seems to be the go-to item here, but we love all the breakfasts too! Especially the scrambled eggs with cheese. Simple but awesome. Always good. The fact that it's open 24 hours makes it an after-bar haven, so you can sober up with plenty of other party people in an environment where you'll feel completely comfortable!

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    Henry's Drive-In

    6031 W Ogden Ave
    Cicero, IL 60804
    (708) 656-9344

    Henry's Drive-In will wrap up our list of recommendations for our Cicero area Chi Town Limo customers. This is another diner/fast food type of spot that is known for such delicious hamburgers and cheese dogs! Mm-mmm good! The pizza puffs and gravy bread are probably our top two favorites here, but it's hard to even name a favorite since everything is so good! The double dogs are great too, especially loaded up with mustard, onions, peppers, and celery salt! So much flavor and so filling and hearty too! Gotta love it.