Make Any Concert Amazing

Chicago has a vibrant music scene. Thanks to its amazing venues and beautiful outdoor stages, a night out in Chicago with music is always great fun. Whether you’re looking for the hottest hip-hop around, the most energetic dance music you can find or some serious headbanging metal, the city has it all. There are tons of annual music festivals here, but you can find great concerts year round at some of the exciting music venues in Chicago. From world famous festivals like Lollapalooza to city-run festivals like the Chicago Blues Festival, the summertime in Chicago is defined by its music. Since the options for musical events in Chicago are very vast, below we’ve outlined a few of the city’s biggest names and its best annual music festivals.

Hometown Acts

Huge music names have come out of Chicago. Quite possibly the most famous is Kanye West. So if you like hip-hop and are looking for one of the best music experiences in the entire country, be on the lookout for when he stops into Chicago for a show. A lot of other hip-hop music artists hail from Chicago. Lupe Fiasco, Cheef Keef and Chance the Rapper all come from Chicago and know how to put on a great show when they come back into town.

Another thing that makes Chicago famous in the music department is the Chicago blues. Largely seen as the predecessor to rock music, Chicago blues is a take on blues that leaves the sad stuff behind in favor of more energetic lyrics and music. The Chicago Blues Festival is held every year in June and goes on for three days. So if the blues is your thing, make sure you come into town for the festival.

Yearly Events

Chicago has tons of yearly music festivals. Whether you’re looking for rap and hip-hop, good old-fashioned rock and roll or even jazz, there’s a festival in Chicago for you. The most famous festival is Lollapalooza, which has been held in Chicago since 2005. The festival features big names in rock, hip-hop and dance music. Taking place in Grant Park, Lollapalooza hosts over 160,000 festival-goers every year.

The Chicago Jazz Festival is another large music festival. The festival is held in the Loop district for four days, and, best of all, it’s totally free! While the names are nowhere near as famous as those at Lollapalooza, this is a great festival for experiencing Downtown Chicago. The Chicago Jazz Festival is city-sponsored, and together with Taste of Chicago food festival and the Chicago Blues Festival, it’s one of the city’s most important events.

For country music, a new festival to hit the city is the Windy City LakeShake. Huge country music acts like Brad Paisley and Florida Georgia Line have played the festival in the past. While the music is definitely the main attraction, there’s all sorts of entertainment for the whole family. From carnival rides and a giant waterslide to restaurants and a market, LakeShake is one of Chicago’s best festivals.

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