Franklin Park Bars & Restaurants
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    Gianni's Ristorante and Pizzeria

    9655 W Grand Avenue
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    (847) 451-0100

    There is nothing more comforting that good old Italian made from scratch fare. And that is exactly what they will bring to the table at this fine dining establishment. The decor and atmosphere of the dining room is so cozy and comfortable. You are definitely going to feel like you are part of the family. The variety is amazing and there is definitely something to please everyone in your group. The full bar is a great option as well whether you just want to eat there or order up a favorite cocktail. You won't be disappointed.

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    Grand Stand Pizza

    9718 Grand Avenue
    Franklin Park, IL 60131-3357
    (847) 451-1155

    Let's face it, sometimes you go to a place because of the environment and sometimes all that matter is the amazing food served. In the case of this venue, it is definitely the latter. Every choice you make from the menu is nothing short of excellent. Check out the pizza, homemade lasagne or Stromboli. The pizza style is thin crust and they really know how to cook it to perfection. Their hours are very liberal so when you feel the craving coming on, there is no place that can offer the excellent fare that this one can. Check it out soon.

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    Pescatore Palace

    3400 River Road
    Franklin Park, IL 60131-2150
    (847) 678-0895

    If you are concerned about making sure that your diet is more on the healthy side, this is the perfect place with their healthy Mediterranean and Adriatic dishes. They also have a nice variety of fine wines and beers which provides the perfect compliment to their excellent dishes. This is the venue to visit when you want to lower your cholesterol. The atmosphere is quaint and romantic and will definitely put you at ease. if you are looking for genuine food at reasonable prices and a service staff that is attentive and friendly, now you know where to go.

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    10000 W Grand Avenue
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    (847) 451-9900

    The recipes used here are authentic and time-tested. And you can always expect the ingredients to be super fresh which is a plus anywhere you go. The best word we can think of when it comes to digging into the food they serve here is delicious. The arancini is absolutely fantastic, you have to try it. And if you are worried about the impact this venue might have on your wallet, you are going to be pleasantly surprised because it is very reasonable. The staff will treat you like royalty and will make sure that everything you need is provided.

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    Hopscotch Beer and Whiskey Bar

    9743 Franklin Avenue
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    (847) 260-5318

    The best bartenders work at this establishment and that is not an overstatement. They can craft any kind of cocktail you want to order even if it is not on the menu. Also, the beer selection is out of this world. When you go, you need to order one of their phenomenal burgers, you will savor every bite. The mac and cheese is unbelievable and will make your relax in a way you haven't in years. The name of the game here is dun, fun and more fun. The atmosphere could best be described as friendly and the staff is attentive.

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    Lulu Belle

    3147 Mannheim Road
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    (847) 233-9097

    When you drive up to this establishment and see that the building is painted like a cow, you will know that you are in the wrong place. The breakfast food is absolutely amazing. And one of the big reasons the food is exceptional is that the cooks know how to perfectly prepare each and every dish. Your pancakes will be perfect and your potatoes will be crispy. The decor is very entertaining as there are many antiques hanging on the walls. Be prepared to be served huge portions and to be treated in a special way by the great staff here.