Homewood Bars & Restaurants
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    Grady's Grille

    18147 Harwood Avenue
    Homewood, IL 60430
    (708) 799-4700

    Conveniently located near downtown Homewood, this is the perfect place to stop to refresh yourself before you head out for more sightseeing. All of the food is absolutely amazing including the salmon with wild rice which we highly recommend. The decor would best be characterized as upscale which is created in such a way that you feel very special to be a patron of such an establishment. All of the servers are very pleasant and take it upon themselves to make sure you have the best experience possible while you gorge yourself on the tasty offerings.

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    Aurelio's Pizza

    18162 Harwood Avenue
    Homewood, IL 60430-2102
    (708) 798-8050

    To give this place its proper due, we would have to use the word great over and over again. The pizza is so tasty and amazing that you are going to leave with the biggest smile on your face. You will want to sample some of their custom brewed beers which is the perfect compliment to the pizza. You might find it hard to believe because this is close to Chicago but they actually have thin crust here and it is fantastic. So, if you are into high quality food and servers that will treat you like absolute royalty, then you want to get here soon.

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    The Cottage on Dixie

    18849 Dixie Hwy
    Homewood, IL 60430
    (708) 798-8263

    It is all up to you, if you want to continue going out to all of those average eating establishments, be our guest. But if you are looking for something different and of a much higher quality, then you will want to get to this amazing venue as soon as possible. Start your experience out with their pulled pork nachos for an appetizer, you are going to love the taste. The seasonal menu will push your food boundaries which you will come to appreciate. The servers are so much fun and they will engage you in some friendly banter.

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    La Voute Bistro

    2034 Ridge Road
    Homewood, IL 60430
    (844) 204-2034

    Get ready for a unique dining experience in every way. This is your chance to partake in some of the best French inspired cuisine around. And the setting is absolutely fabulous and tremendously comfortable. An major emphasis is placed on using food grown by local farmers. When their outdoor seating is open and the weather is perfect, you will have a very nice experience as well enjoying the great out of doors. Look around and you will find it hard to believe that this venue was once a bank. Close your eyes and pick anything on the menu, you can't go wrong.

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    Lassen's Tap

    2131 183rd Street
    Homewood, IL 60430
    (708) 957-2220

    Your experience at this wonderful establishment can be boiled down to a few essentials. Great beer, awesome burgers and phenomenal wings. Add to this a bunch of the friendliest people you are going to find anywhere and you have the makings of a venue that you need to make a regular stop at. Beware if you order the burger because it is really big. But the craft beer menu is extensive and the prices are right. So, make this a stop because everyone needs a neighborhood bar in their life that they can count on to be consistently great.

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    Asian Harbor

    1930 Ridge Road
    Homewood, IL 60430
    (708) 799-5388

    For you sushi lovers, this is your place. If you love a huge variety of sushi and don't want to have to rob a bank to pay for it, this venue would be a great choice for you. Everything about this place screams authentic. They have so many different sushi rolls that you are going to be in sushi heaven before you leave. The staff is very knowledgeable so don't hesitate to ask any questions that you might have. The presentation of everything is absolutely beautiful and you can count on all of their offerings being the freshest possible.