La Grange Bars & Restaurants
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    93 S LaGrange Avenue
    La Grange, IL 60525
    (708) 469-7058

    This is a premiere eco-friendly restaurant and their mission is to serve only the highest quality farm to table fare. By statements made from patrons who leave, they are more than succeeding in that mission. And you are going to be thrilled that one of their priorities is to serve hormone/anti-biotic free meats, sustainable seafood, organic produce and eggs. They try to buy locally when possible but wherever they get their ingredients from, they make sure that it is of the highest quality. So get ready to be more than refreshed at this very cool establishment.

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    Palmer Place

    56 S La Grange Road
    La Grange, IL 60525-2429
    (708) 482-7127

    You know this place has to be good when we want to walk about how great the wait staff is before anything else. You are never going to experience another place where the staff will bend over backwards more than this place in order to please the patrons. Beyond that, the pub food is absolutely delicious and they have an astounding number of beers to choose from. In fact, the regulars like to say that if it is brewed, more than likely Palmer Place will offer it. You will not lack for choices on the food menu either, check it out.

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    70. S. LaGrange Road
    La Grange, IL 60525
    (708) 482-8700

    Let's face it, there is barbecue and then there is the real deal. This venue only believes in providing the latter. You haven't lived until you have put your tongue and lips on some of this sumptuous fare. The smoked meats are cooked on low and they are cooked slow for up to 22 hours. The sauces and sides are made from scratch. Believe us when we tell you that this place fills a real need, a need for authentic barbecue. All of the choices are excellent and the service staff will not only help you with your order, but they will make you feel special.

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    Kama Bistro

    9 S La Grange
    La Grange, IL 60525
    (708) 352-3300

    Any discussion of this establishment would not be complete without telling you that every single dish is prepared from scratch and using only the freshest ingredients. Your taste buds are going to be absolutely tantalized with the way in which they use curry and freshly ground spices in recipes that have been around for generations. We highly recommend the black pepper Chilean sea bass, the Sockeye salmon with mango chutney, tamarind glazed ribs and lamb tacos. To wash it down, try one of their high quality handcrafted martinis.

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    Lucca Pizzeria Ristorante

    108 W Burlington Avenue
    La Grange, IL 60525
    (708) 354-9990

    Usually, a restaurant only becomes popular because of the excellent offerings on their menu and possibly because of some relaxing decor and outstanding service. Well, this venue has all three of those elements covered quite nicely. Talk about some very special fare including cracker thin pizza, various pizza variations, stuffed pizzas and much more. You are going to love the fresh Buffalo Mozzerella which is flown-in all the way from Puglia. And don't forget to order and enjoy one of their infamous rich desserts.

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    Nicksons Eatery

    30 South La Grange Road
    La Grange, IL 60525
    (708) 354-4995

    Conveniently located in the heart of downtown La Grange, the staff at this establishment is making a true mark with their classic American fare and big bold flavors. They get everything right, the food, the inviting atmosphere and the charming space. The decor and atmosphere is so warm and inviting with its tin ceilings, rustic hardwood floors, raw wood accents and family style seating. The menu offers a wide variety of delights and everything is cooked to perfection and brought to your table with a very creative presentation. Don't miss this experience.