Lansing Bars & Restaurants
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    Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop

    2352 172nd Street
    Lansing, IL 60438
    (708) 474-1378

    Bring the family to this quaint little place. You are not going to find more authentic Cajun, Creole and Southern cuisine anywhere. The decor and atmosphere will remind you of another time. take it from us, you truly haven't lived until you have had their Gumbo. There is definitely a sense of family in the air. Don't worry about food choices because the menu has something for everyone. For a real special treat, make sure you get some of their jerk smoked chicken wings. You might not have room for dessert, but you will want to order some to go.

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    Beggars Pizza

    3524 Ridge Road
    Lansing, IL 60438-3315
    (708) 418-3500

    if we could say the word delicious one hundred times to describe how the food here tastes, we would. One bite into their great pizza and you will know that they use only the highest quality ingredients. Plenty of video games around so your kids will have a blast as well. They offer thin or deep dish pizza depending on your persuasion. There is one sound you will hear at this place that you probably would not have expected and that is a pipe organ. Certainly gives it a very different ambiance and feel, but you will actually find yourself tapping your toe to the music.

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    J's Peapod

    3212 171st Street
    Lansing, IL 60438-1151
    (708) 474-7170

    How does great food, reasonable prices and excellent service sound to you? Well, you better get to this awesome venue as quickly as you possibly can. And variety is certainly not a problem here either. Just thinking about their sweet and sour chicken will make you swoon in ecstasy. They also have a wonderful crab ragoon and the fried rice complements anything you order quite nicely. The prices are very reasonable and the staff is so friendly. If this is your kind of food, then get here quickly because you are not going to be disappointed.

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    Round the Clock

    17601 Torrence Avenue
    Lansing, IL 60438
    (708) 418-7244

    Talk about convenience. This place is open 24/7. No matter what kind of food you are in the mood for, this establishment serves it up in a big time way. For breakfast, the pancakes and French Toast are out of this world. The atmosphere is very comfortable and the service staff actually seem to want to do their job well because they certainly bend over backwards to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied. For quality food at a decent price, this is the venue you need to frequent.

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    Bohemian Joe's

    17940 Torrence Avenue
    Lansing, IL 60438
    (708) 872-4700

    If you like to sample things before you order, then you will be in the right place when you step inside this establishment. The bartenders here will actually give you a taste of as many craft beers as you can stand until you find the perfect one for you. If you are more into cocktails, they have those too. In terms of food, you will find a really nice variety including steak and pizza. The staff always seem to be in a very good mood and they certainly aim to please. You will never see the bottom of your glass that is for sure. Check it out.

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    3502 Ridge Road
    Lansing, IL 60438
    (708) 895-5233

    We dare you to find anything on the menu that is not high quality. Whether its their fish, burgers, chicken or anything else, it is all amazingly tasty. If you are into beer, the selection is top notch here. Checking up on your favorite sports team will not be a problem either as there are plenty of high definition flat screens. One word of caution. They bring gobs of food to your table so you need to either be a huge eater or you will be taking home leftovers which is not a bad problem to have either. A very friendly atmosphere as well.