Maywood Bars & Restaurants
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    El Prado Restaurant

    612 Lake Street
    Maywood, IL 60153
    (708) 681-4119

    Talk about a perfect place for your dining needs. The owner takes his responsibility very seriously and is adamant about making sure that everyone who steps through the front door will receive the same high quality in terms of food, drink and customer service. But we will say this, this is authentic Mexican fare in every way. You will find the usual suspects on the menu but no matter what you order, your taste buds are going to be doing a jig. You are going to be shocked when you experience all of the good things this place has to offer.

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    J J Fish & Chicken

    917 W. Roosevelt Road
    Maywood, IL 60153
    (708) 450-1015

    Sometimes you just need an establishment that specializes. And this place certainly does that and does it very well. If you are a huge fan of fish or chicken or both, you are going to be in food heaven when you experience what this place has to offer. And we highly recommend that you come very hungry because they do not skimp on the portion sizes that the bring. Who doesn't like a lot of food? But there is something else that you are going to be very happy to see when you open the menu. The prices they charge are very reasonable which makes this an even better experience.

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    Carnitas Don Alfredo

    15 N 1st Avenue
    Maywood, IL 60153
    (708) 343-3351

    If you like to be in a family friendly atmosphere, then you need to visit this establishment as soon as you can. The food is best described as traditional Mexican fare made with fresh ingredients and spices. The owner and staff have done a great job of creating an atmosphere where you will actually feel like you have been transported to Mexico. The whole idea and goal is to arouse all five senses. Just wait until you get a whiff of their chilies, cilantro, and freshly made tortillas. Everything is prepared fresh and brought to your table with great Mexican hospitality.

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    Meal of the Day Cafe

    1701 S 1st Avenue
    Maywood, IL 60153
    (708) 223-8153

    Why not eat in style tonight? You are going to absolutely fall in love with what this place has to offer. You can expect to receive high quality, delicious, home cooked meals. Make sure that you check out the daily specials when you go because there is usually something very special featured. The tablecloths, real dishes and one of a kind artwork setup an atmosphere that will put you at ease. And one thing you can count on once you are seated is that you and your group will never be rushed out, this is a chance to immerse yourself for some relaxation that you desperately need.

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    Momo's Grill Inc

    711 W Roosevelt Road
    Maywood, IL 60153
    (708) 338-1500

    Of all of the places that you can visit, this establishment has such unique and distinct features that truly sets it apart. High quality food and awesome customer service are absolutely phenomenal and something you will experience each and every time you come here. The bar area has just about anything and everything you could possibly want. You will not be disappointed in anything you order or in your experience here because they take the look on your face very seriously. The staff here wants you to leave with a huge smile.

  • 6

    Tropical Times Caribbean

    1117 S 1st Avenue
    Maywood, IL 60153
    (708) 338-2003

    Alright, we have a very important question for you. When is the last time that you visited a Jamaican restaurant. Well, now is your chance to experience something very unique and very special. There is not one item on the menu that is not absolutely delicious. They even have something called fried corn which you are going to want to try. The service staff is not only efficient but they are also super friendly and aim to please you in every way. Check out the Jerk Chicken Plate, the flavor is going to bowl you out of the water.