Morton Grove Bars & Restaurants
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    TAVA Contemporary Indian Cuisine

    7172 Dempster Street
    Morton Grove, IL 60053
    (847) 966-8282

    If you have experienced Indian dining and cuisine before, then you are in for a real treat because this venue will surpass any place you have tried in the past. If you haven't had Indian fare, then buckle your seatbelt. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting and it won't take long to feel that when you look down and see the Brazilian cherry wood floor and the candle light. There is something about this place that sparks conversation. But the real star of the show here is the wholesome, authentic and healthy Indian cooking.

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    Pequods Pizza

    8520 Fernald
    Morton Grove, IL 60053
    (847) 470-9161

    Finally, a hometown pizzeria with a unique atmosphere and some of the best pizza that you will experience anywhere. They have added a savory thin crust pizza to their lineup and it is absolutely delicious. The staff is so very nice and helpful. it does take a bit for the pizza to be served but we highly recommend that you don't let the wait keep you from hanging in there because you will be amply rewarded. And if you have any special dietary restrictions this is a place that will bend over backwards to make sure you get what you so richly deserve.

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    Marilyn's Restaurant

    5900 Dempster Street
    Morton Grove, IL 60053
    (847) 663-1900

    Are you a breakfast lover? Then come to this venue any time of the day or night because they server it up whenever you need it. Dietary challenges don't upset them either. There is such a wide variety of choices available to you that there will definitely be something for everyone in your group. The burgers are handmade from Angus beef. The staff is absolutely exceptional and they are eager to please each and every customer. Keep in mind that the portions are huge which means you will be walking out with leftovers.

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    Giordano's of Morton Grove

    5990 Dempster Street
    Morton Grove, IL 60053-3032
    (847) 966-4300

    We realize that most reviews start with discussing the food but we have to say that the customer service at this establishment is so amazing that it really stands out and needs to be mentioned as something that makes this place very special. Don't worry, the food is absolutely delicious and will provide for you everything you need and more. There are some great appetizers as well like their fried Calamari. Something else you are going to love is the various varieties of pizza they offer because not everyone likes the same style. This place will take good care of you.

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    Las Fuentes

    9001 Waukegan Road
    Morton Grove, IL 60053
    (847) 983-0248

    There are certain types of cuisine where it is very necessary to make sure that the food is going to be very authentic in nature. One of those types is Mexican. And we promise you that this place can provide that authenticity and more. It doesn't matter whether you have a very large group or are in need of an intimate setting, you will find it here. Get ready to enjoy a margarita, some quacamole and the normal traditional Mexican dishes, they are all exceptional in quality and tastefulness. And you will enjoy in a wonderful atmosphere as well.

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    Boba Burger

    8530 Waukegan Road
    Morton Grove, IL 60053
    (847) 410-7779

    We all need comfort food at certain times in our lives and this venue will fit the bill quite nicely. Talk about a twist on a good old American favorite. You are not going to believe the creative take the staff has put on hamburgers and hot dogs. One of their signature dishes is called the Tokyo Dog which is a tempura hot dog with wasabi aioloi and sriacha ketchup. We are talking absolutely scrumptious. And trust us, everything you will receive will be absolutely fresh, nothing frozen here. One last thing, the staff knows how to take care of you.