Oak Forest Bars & Restaurants
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    Beggars Pizza

    15600 Cicero Avenue
    Oak Forest, IL 60452-3604
    (708) 535-9500

    A lot of places claim they have the best pizza but this establishment actually lives up to the hype. The ingredients are always so fresh and the portions are so generous that you are going to have to be wheeled out of this place. If you love a lot of cheese on your pizza, then you are going to be in the perfect place when you visit here. The staff is always exceptionally friendly and truly aim to please. This is the place that you need to take the kids. We highly recommend the deep dish and you won't lack for topping options.

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    Number 1 Chop Suey

    15833 Central Avenue
    Oak Forest, IL 60452-3207
    (708) 687-8598

    It is truly hard to know where to begin when discussing this fine establishment. You can count on the food always being super hot and all of the beef dishes are exceptional in every way. The meat is always tender and the veggies are the perfect compliment. Prices are very reasonable so you don't have to break the bank to enjoy your experience which means you also can visit more often. We didn't mention the orange chicken lunch special but we should because it is one of the most addictive meals and you are going to find yourself wanting it multiple times per week.

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    Mickey's Gyros II

    15221 Cicero Avenue
    Oak Forest, IL 60452-2403
    (708) 687-1400

    There is no compromise at this awesome establishment when it comes to the quality of anything they provide. They have been able to successfully combine good food, attentive and courteous service and consistency. You have to try their famous Mickey Burger, you will be blown away and you will have pleasant dreams. When you visit, you will actually be handed an extensive menu which offers a lot of variety. You can't go wrong with their gyros, ribs or rubens. The servers are friendly and courteous and you will be treated like you matter which is always a plus.

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    Barbeque Sakebob

    6210 W 159th Street
    Oak Forest, IL 60452
    (708) 926-9943

    Get ready for Some unique flavors, textures and the artistry of Japanese cuisine. This kind of dining experience is going to excite you so much that you are going to find yourself coming back again and again. If sushi is on your mind, you are going to be absolutely delighted with the finest fish and with a place that makes sushi the way it is supposed to be done. The atmosphere is very soothing and relaxing and you will begin to understand why fare like they server here is not to be scarfed down but it is to be savored in every way.

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    Jack Gibbons Gardens

    14700 Oak Park Avenue
    Oak Forest, IL 60452-5202
    (708) 687-2331

    The Prime Rib here is out of this world and you are going to be in a food coma if you order it but believe us when we say that is a very good thing. For an appetizer, we highly recommend the shrimp cocktail appetizer. But truly no matter what you order you are going to be savoring every bite. This is a classic steakhouse and they really pour on the portions. We would be shocked if you were able to finish your meal which means great leftovers. Keep in mind that this is fine dining and everything about this venue lives up to that title.

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    Blarney Stone

    15400 Cicero Avenue
    Oak Forest, IL 60452-2504
    (708) 535-4800

    There is nothing quite like a family owned and operated establishment. And the owners and staff at this venue take their responsibility very seriously. And part of that responsibility is in providing and specializing in amazing craft beer and casual dining. The atmosphere is comfortable and fun. You can't go wrong with their signature pizza and burgers. This is definitely one of the best beer stops you can make as they have 4- tap handles as well as a huge craft bottle selection. Don't miss this special experience, get here soon.