A Sports Fan’s Paradise

One of the best things about Chicago are its sports. It’s a city that loves its sports teams. And for good reason, some of the best sports franchises have come out of Chicago. The history runs deep with their sports teams, with some of them playing in the city for more than 100 years. Whether you catch a Blackhawks game at United Center or head to famous Soldier Field to watch the Bears, a sporting event in Chicago is how you really see what the city’s all about.

The Bears

With nearly 100 years of history, the Chicago Bears have a special place in the city’s heart. While the club has seen its ups and downs in past years, the city never gives up on them. In their heyday, they used to called the “Monster of the Midway” thanks to their ferocious defense. This is what the team’s known for — serious competitiveness when it comes to keeping other teams out of their end zone. With names like Brian Urlacher and Dick Butkus, their linebackers are some of the best in the sport. They play at Soldier Field, the NFL’s oldest stadium. Right on the shores of Lake Michigan with a beautiful view of the city, a night out at Soldier’s Field is well worth it.

The Bulls

While they don’t have the history that other sports teams in the city do, the Bulls are one of the most well known names in all of sports. Created in 1966, the team has won 6 NBA Finals and a plethora of conference and division titles. United Center, their stadium, gets wild when their rivals come in to town. If you’re looking to experience sports in Chicago, be sure to get tickets for when they play the Milwaukee Bucks and the Detroit Pistons. While Michael Jordan is hands-down the most famous thing to come out of the Bulls, the franchise has hosted plenty of big names like Dennis Rodman and Derrick Rose, who has been key to their recent success.

The White Sox

The White Sox are the oldest professional team in Chicago. Established in 1900, the team has seen a good share of success in past years. While they’ve only won three world series, they’re planning a serious comeback. They play at US Cellular Field, a beautiful ballpark located in the city’s historic Bridgeport neighborhood. Thanks to its perfect viewpoint, the numerous food options and great catering service, the stadium’s Fan Deck is the best place to catch the game.

The Blackhawks

Part of the NHL’s Original Six, the Blackhawks are another powerhouse franchise. They’ve been around since 1926 and currently play at United Center along with the Bulls. They’ve won 6 Stanley Cups in past, the most recent being the 2014-2018 season when they beat the Tampa Bay Lighting. United Center is great for hockey games. The stadium was built in a way that amplifies Chicago fans’ famous “Roar”, an intimidating growl-like noise the fans let out to intimidate the opponent. The Blackhawks are rivals with their Original Six counterpart, the Detroit Red Wings, so be sure to catch a game when these two play.

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