Tinley Park Bars & Restaurants
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    Eggheadz Cafe

    16952 S Oak Park Avenue
    Tinley Park, IL 60477
    (708) 444-0880

    When you need that special fix, we would highly recommend that you take a trip to this phenomenal establishment. The place is always packed and for very good reason. The variety you can pick from is sensational and whatever strikes your fancy will be cooked to your specification you can be assured of that. The staff provides incredible service in every way. And whether you are hankering for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are in very good hands here. And one last tip, do not and we mean do not leave without ordering some kind of dessert, you will not be sorry.

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    Tin Fish

    18201 Harlem Avenue
    Tinley Park, IL 60477-3609
    (708) 532-0200

    This venue harkens back to the 1940s seafood houses of the Atlantic shore. There are so many cool aspects to this special establishment including a family friendly atmosphere and a sophistication that is second to none. Quality is first priority here as the seafood is the freshest and flown in on a very regular basis. The menu offers seasonal choices from land and sea and each entree is known for having superior taste. And we have to mention the well-stocked wine cellar, scotches and micro brewed beers. They are all a perfect complement to your entree.

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    Rocco's Little Italy

    7907 W 159th Street
    Tinley Park, IL 60477-1345
    (708) 444-8259

    There is nothing like high quality Italian cuisine. So if you are finding you have a huge need for some comfort food, this is the place that you want to be. ALl of the classics are here including veal, pasta and some of the best pizza this side of the Mississippi. The wine list will impress you as well. But your great experience really begins with the wonderful setting and environment you are going to find here. Add to that a service staff that believes in being attentive to your every need and you have a winner that you should not pass up.

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    Frankie's Ristorante

    9501 West 171st Street
    Tinley Park, IL 60477
    (708) 226-6996

    The owners put their heart and soul into everything that happens at this truly amazing establishment. Through their dedication to quality, this place has very quickly become a huge success. The homemade meals are so tasty and they are now famous for their beef, meatballs and marinated chicken sandwiches. If you have a special event coming up, you will want to contact them because they know how to cater large groups. But we definitely suggest that you go when you can because you are going to enjoy every second of your experience.

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    Ed & Joe's

    17332 S. Oak Park Avenue
    Tinley Park, IL 60477
    (708) 532-3051

    The people who work here remain focused one what really matters. And what really matters to them is are the time-tested recipes and flavors of the past. Special effort is taken in preparing every entree and that is what sets this venue apart. The owners are very proud of their eclectic menu which features specialities like delicious pizza, sandwiches, steaks, fresh fish and pastas. And the wait staff is dedicated to the highest degree of customer service that is humanly possible. And you will be pleased to know that special orders do not upset them.

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    17211 Oak Park Avenue
    Tinley Park, IL 60477-3401
    (708) 444-8555

    When you are looking for a place to chill out and enjoy a very relaxing evening, you need to give this place a try. You will not be disappointed. The menu includes an excellent variety and add to that the high quality preparation and overall taste and you are going to be very happy. The atmosphere is quaint and the service staff is exceptional. You will need to keep in mind that the place is on the small side and is very popular so we highly recommend that you call ahead for reservations. To finish things off, order one of their delectable desserts.