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Great Bachelor(ette) Parties

Chicago is one of the best cities for bachelor and bachelorette parties. For celebrating your last night out as a single person, there's no better place than the Downtown area. There you'll find some of the most glamorous nightclubs in the country, along with countless fine dining experiences. Whether you were planning one final blowout or if you were looking for a bit of reflection before you tie the knot, the options are endless for bachelor and bachelorette parties in Chicago.

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Bachelor(ette) party ideas

Bars and Restaurants

The Loop district is where you'll find the best restaurants in the city. From five-star restaurants and Italian bistros to exciting bars and pubs, the Loop offers nearly endless options for food and drink. To get the most out of your Chicago bachelor party (or bachelorette party), a bar crawl is a great idea. Most of the entertainment is centralized in the Loop, so getting from place to place is pretty easy. Whether you want to try all the stellar food Chicago has to offer or if you're looking for a great bar to end the night, a Chicago bar crawl is one of the best ideas for a bachelor(ette) party.


Chicago's Downton is also home to high-quality nightclubs. You'll find luxurious piano bars, intense dance clubs and all sorts of places to party. Between the Magnificent mile and the Loop is where you'll find the best clubs. If you're into electronic music, be sure to try out the Spybar. Heavy bass, fast techno and house music are the main attractions here. Or if you're looking for a classier night out, the Redhead Piano bar is just blocks away. Thanks to its old-fashioned ambiance, the Redhead is a great place for a calmer night out on the town.

Strip Clubs

Of course, strip clubs are never a bad idea for a bachelor(ette) party. And luckily, Chicago has a large variety. Whether it's for the men, for the women or for both, you'll have no problems finding upscale strip clubs. While most of the city's strip clubs are for men, there are still great choices for women. Sinzation is where you go for a crazy night out. The dancers here will definitely draw you into the act, so this is your best bet if you really want to experience on last night out as a single women. For men, the options are much more varied. If you're looking to see a wide range of women dancers, you may want to visit Scores. With over 100 strippers, there's a dancer here for any guy in your crew.

Mobile Party

What better way to experience Chicago than from the comfort of your own party bus? There's no need to worry about a place not meeting your expectations or worrying about who's going to sacrifice their night and be the designated driver. Whether you want to go bar or strip club hopping or want to see the city pass you by at night, our party buses are a great choice for you bachelor or bachelorette party in Chicago.

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