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There is one thing that you can be assured of, we know our business backward and forward and we have put in a great amount of effort into lower our prices to unbelievable levels for you. Our new customers always want to know how we do it. While we can't share all of our professional secrets with you, there are a few key ways that we make the magic happen:

WE BUY NEW VEHICLES OFTEN. Where other companies will run their limousines into the ground, at Chi Town Limo we retire ours while they are still considered newer and we are always looking to upgrade our fleet with vehicles. New vehicles cost less to run than old ones, and that results in cost savings for the customer. Beyond that, you will be treated to the most modern and up-to-date experience on the road, complete with the newest HDTVs, DVD players, and premium audio systems, all for your entertainment and enjoyment when traveling with us. This will ensure that you are receiving great value.

WE MAINTAIN OUR VEHICLES. It is the same principal as mentioned above. Vehicles that are in better condition cost much less to run. We have an experienced maintenance staff on call to check our limos before and after every single trip. Every single part is checked and maintained or replaced when necessary, and we perform as many upgrades as we possibly can if we believe that this will make a difference in mileage and the quality of your ride.

WE DON'T HAVE HIDDEN FEES. Other local companies will offer you a low price up front and then gouge you with surprise fees in fine print after your trip. We think that's deplorable and we would never dream of doing it to you. The price that we quote is the price that you get, and the few fees that we do have are discussed ahead of time if they apply to you. This is just one of the many ways that we ensure that the customer comes first. We don't believe that running a business has anything to do with taking advantage of the customer, and you will see that from the very first moment of your first trip with us.

WE DO THE MATH. Other limo companies will charge you one flat fee day after day. You might see that as an advantage until you realize that they don't offer you any savings when gas prices are lower or when traffic isn't at its peak. At Chi Town Limo, we work out those factors day by day to offer you the lowest rates possible. This is called operating on a graduated scale and we believe it is the fairest to our customers. If we experience a savings in an area of our business, we want to pass it along to you. There are also timing issues that can help you realize immense savings. If you're booking a trip on a weekday or during the day for instance, it will clearly cost you less. Ask us about the dates and times that will save you the most cash.

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All of these things add up to great news for you. Our company can offer you a lower price than the other guys, but it really all boils down to old fashioned responsibility and good customer service. That's what we have built our reputation on, and we will continue to do so as long as you keep Chi Town Limo in business. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents are just waiting for you to call. They love talking about what we do and they will do everything they can to fit you and your group into the perfect vehicle and to make sure the cost is as reasonable as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon and discussing your needs.

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