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Engaged in Chicago? If so, yourself and your significant other have a lot to look forward to. With venues like Stan Mansion, Salvatore's, and Keith House, there are unlimited options to peruse. Speaking of wedding venues in Chicago, do you know the decision that should be made after settling where you will be married? We'll give you a hint, it has to do with the website that you're on now!

Chicago Limousine

Chicago Weddings

Reserving limousines for Chicago weddings is the surefire way to make sure your wedding schedule stays on track. Can you imagine the horror that would ensue if you had to drive yourself to your wedding? Transportation can serve multiple purposes on the day of your wedding. It can be used to transport the couple and the wedding party, as well as offer a solution for shuttling guests. This is particularly helpful if you will have guests coming in from out of town. It's the safest way to, as you can be sure that nobody will be drinking and driving after having a blast at your wedding. Speaking of your reception, let's make sure you have all bases covered at the beginning of your planning.

The reception of your wedding is where most of the fun happens at Chicago weddings! Of course, your friends and family will cherish the poignant ceremony, but it's safe to say that the after party is what most people look forward to. It's a time to let loose so you can enjoy food, drinks, dancing, and socialization with those you don't get to see everyday. We're here with a couple of quick and easy tips to ensure your Chicago wedding reception is one to remember for all of the right reasons.

Chicago Party Bus
Chicago Transportation

When it comes to food at your reception, you have many options to consider when it comes to entertainment and convenience. One of the smartest trends is hiring a food truck to cater the reception. This is a great idea for many reasons! This town has an entire directory of talented food trucks offering every cuisine and style of food that you can possibly think of. You can personalize what you want to serve to your guests, and food trucks are known for their creative menus. The flexible schedule allows your guests to come get food when they want it as they dance and socialize. Plus, it allows for your guests to mingle while they wait in line for their food. Not to mention, it is easy clean up with disposable plates and utensils instead of large tables of dishes.

Remember, don't underestimate the benefits of providing shuttle service to guests at your wedding. Supplying transportation for wedding guests is the perfect solution for those who want to ensure a safe return for all of their cherished guests. You will surely be seen as a highly hospitable couple for thinking to organize this service for your guests. Whether you're putting together your event at Skyline Loft, Catalyst Ranch, or the Kimpton Hotel Allegro, the right transportation holds the same value.

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